As a father of four, Dan Griffin is concerned that the world we are handing down to our children is not what it should or could be.  Dan is running for State Senate for more than his family, he is running for your family’s future too.


State Senate District 28

“It would be my honor to serve you and the citizens of our district and state.”

About Dan

Guided by his faith and family, Dan believes that we must always do what is right – not what is easy. Dan believes in our right and obligation to foster a political climate in the state of Wisconsin that is suitable for freedom, fostering economic growth and creating jobs.

Help send Dan to Madison and make a real difference for the State we all call home. Eliminating waste in government, ensuring our children have quality education and getting Wisconsin back to work, are all essential to our future.

Dan seeks to take this leadership role on behalf of his community and district.  As a Christian, husband, and father, Dan will bring his expertise as a lawyer, MBA graduate and dedicated citizen to give voice to our district’s needs.

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